Multiple Sclerosis 101



The MS101 webinar will support health professionals to understand what multiple sclerosis is, contributions to susceptibility, epidemiology and the implications, disease progression, current treatments and symptom management. This program is led by Professor Jeannette Lechner-Scott, Neurologist. Prof Lechner-Scott has a specialised multidisciplinary clinic for multiple sclerosis clients in Newcastle, with over 700 clients. Jeannette has spent over two decades of her career in research, and most of her Neurology training was completed at the University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland, where she joined the internationally highly successful MS research group of Professor Ludwig Kappos.

February 2019
  • Greater understanding of the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis
  • Understanding of susceptibility, epidemiology and disease progression
  • Awareness of the different types of MS
  • Better understand the treatments available and management strategies for multiple sclerosis
  • Knowledge of support available for their clients
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Your purchase will help people living with multiple sclerosis get the vital support they need to meet their goals and live well, and ensure that no one has to face MS alone.

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