Managing Discomfort


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Many of our clients are suffering a lot of discomfort, a lot of the time. This may affect their sleeping, energy levels, appetite, mood and quality of life. Alexandra Holmes is an OT at Calvary Care, Bethlehem working with clients who have progressive neurological conditions. Alexandra has extensive experience in the world of discomfort with great tips, strategies and case studies to share with you which will challenge and enhance your clinical practice.

23 July 2020

  • Awareness of possible physical and psychological causes of discomfort
  • Knowledge of factors associated with an increased risk of pressure injuries
  • Increased knowledge of assessment approaches
  • Awareness of the roles of the multidisciplinary team members in managing discomfort
  • Knowledge of practical tips, strategies, aids and equipment used to improve comfort
  • Understanding of a case study
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    Your purchase will help people living with multiple sclerosis get the vital support they need to meet their goals and live well, and ensure that no one has to face MS alone.

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