Kiss Goodbye to MS Sol Cup

$16 $20

Kiss Goodbye to MS has teamed up with Sol Cups to create the perfect coffee cups for optimistic drinkers and half full thinkers!

They are hand blown glass cups and don't worry, they're made of materials that keep all the nasties out and keep the heat in.

Make it a part of your daily grind with our beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly cups! 100% chemical free, re-usuable and strong, our adorable cups are the perfect addition to your home, office or in your bag. Not to mention, they are microwave and dishwasher safe!

Thousands of Australians live each day with a neurological condition. MS Plus (MS Plus Limited: ABN 66 004 942 287) is one of Australia’s leading sources of information, advice and support services for people living with MS and other neurological conditions.

Based in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the ACT, we have over 60 years of insight into how to live well with MS. We pride ourselves on being trusted experts in MS, while supporting a broader range of neurological conditions.

Proceeds from your purchase will help MS Plus:

  • Fund research into the causes and treatments for MS and, ultimately, a cure
  • Offer a wide range of emotional and practical support, from allied health, employment services and NDIS services to expert advice, wellbeing programs and peer support for people living with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions

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