90. Justine Martin - The Colour of Pain - Mixed Media on Canvas

90. Justine Martin - The Colour of Pain - Mixed Media on Canvas

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47" x 40"

I painted this after one of the hardest years of my life. The border around two thirds of the outside edge are nerves, with mylon sheath damanaged by MS and the gold bits are MS scars. The black swirls in the background represent my 'new beginning' tattoo on my back shoulder. The purple circles are Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma and Melanoma which I was diagnosed with last year. The red circles on the left are healthy blood cells. The gold jigsaw pieces hidden and seen are the missing pieces to the puzzle for the cure to MS and also cancer. The cure is there they just need to find it. The turtle represents me, I'm bright and bubbly on the outside yet Ihave a hard shell that protects my vulnerable soft scared inside. The turtle is swimming forwards and up, reflecting the need to stay on top of things and stay positive. The turtle shell has the galaxy on it, as we are just a snippet of it. The triple infinity knot represents me in the top of the knot and my two children Zak and Ally in the bottom of the knot, this is also my tattoo on my right wrist, both my children also have this tattoo. The dragonfly represents hope, something that I strongly believe in. The hourglass is my timeline, once the sand runs through so will be my life, it also reminds me of my nanna who I used to watch 'Days of Our Lives' with. The female portrait is a self-portrait of myself, Kissing Goodbye to MS and also kissing a frog, which is me going on the internet dates, looking for my prince charming, my soul mate. I also own three Australian giant green tree frogs which I feature in a lot of my artwork. The frog is my prince charming, as I've kissed a few toads! He is sitting on my hand and I finger painted him. Last year I lost the ability to hold onto a paint brush and discovered I could still paint with my fingers, this opened up a whole new world to me. The painting is done on a hexangular shape canvas because I don't fit in a square. There are many sides to me.

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